The first slap was a quick sharp bop. Like those assholes who bop their dog on the snout. The kind of swat you’d expect with a disciplinary “NO!”

Getting naked with a new man was not my Tuesday-night plan that evening. But he was interesting. I liked talking with him…

A little nostalgia, anyone?

Is anything as serenely sexy as Sade running barefoot down a sidewalk, slow-motion, in a midriff-baring wedding dress?

Play it back.

That deliberate tempo, the arch and ache straining in her voice, the lingering questions of their lyrics — aren’t we all that complex? Aren’t all our loves that textured…

The blissful naivete of hook-up culture a mere few months ago

Five months ago I told a new man I wasn’t going to fuck him.

I had just met him. I wasn’t in love with him. He was interesting but I wasn’t actually attracted to him. He wasn’t my type but he had confidence and charisma and I had had a…

Erika Düring

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