• Andrea Macaluso

    Andrea Macaluso

    My thing?...I love to learn about the Who What Why Where When & How of everything and anything. Does that narrow it down for you?

  • AdamZ


    you write I read

  • Travisjterry


  • Ruben


  • Tory Mementomori

    Tory Mementomori

    Live purposely. Love and happiness exist—right now. Take charge. The energy you send out is the energy you get back. ❤️

  • Will Johnsen

    Will Johnsen

    Always looking for something new.

  • How Did That Happen?

    How Did That Happen?

    Trying to make sense of it, give pleasure, & make people laugh every now and then. Laugh with me, laugh at me. It’s all good! I can’t believe I did that either.

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